Tips to whitelist a sender or domain name

Everyday active Internet users receive dozens or even hundreds of emails from different services, websites, online shops, etc. Big part of such emails can be called spam. To make it easier to find necessary email and simply keep your email inbox in order, email service providers offer users spam/junk mail filters. These filters constantly evolve and sometimes they automatically move an important email to spam / junk mail folder. 

Whitelisting is used to allow emails from a certain source, like, to arrive directly into your inbox. There are different email service providers, so we will show how to whitelist a sender or domain name in the most popular ones. 


  • Click the “Create a Filter” link which is placed next to the search box.
  • In the field “From:” enter the email addresses, domain names or even actual names of people who you want to whitelist. You can separate multiple entries using the bar (|) sign or OR (in Caps).
  • When your filter is ready, click “Next” and select “Never send to spam”.

Now you have whitelisted desired senders and domains. 


  • Open a message from the desired sender.
  • Click "Mark as safe" next to the name and address of a sender.
  • Now click "Add contact".


  • Open a message from the required sender.
  • Now click "Add contact" next to name and address of a sender.

Thunderbird / Netscape

  • Open a message from the desired contact.
  • In the field "From", right-click the email address.
  • Click "Add to Address Book" in the menu.
  • Click "OK".

As you can see it is very easy to whitelist a sender or domain. Follow these steps and you will be sure that you always receive desired email. 

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